InspiringApps Announces Third Edition of Popular Ebook

8 months ago
InspiringApps Announces Third Edition of Popular Ebook Image

With strategic insight and industry knowledge, InspiringApps’ ebook details the process of building mobile apps and empowers business leaders to capitalize on the dynamic mobile app development market.

BOULDER, CO—InspiringApps announced today that it has released the third edition of its popular ebook, InspiringApps: A Business Perspective on Building Mobile Apps

Updated and contemporized, the third edition of InspiringApps’ ebook brings expert perspectives to help business leaders excel in the fast-paced world of mobile app development. This latest edition builds on the strong foundations of previous editions, offering practical advice and considerations to incorporate into the overall mobile app development process.

InspiringApps’ ebook has received glowing reviews—so much so that readers share it with others. As one reader mentioned to author and CEO Brad Weber, while many white papers from companies barely scratch the surface, InspiringApps’ ebook offers depth. It’s been shared by professors to students, reaching global prominence.

According to Weber: 

“InspiringApps’ book reflects our culture of value and collaboration. In 2012, we wrote the first version, helping others navigate the app world for the first time through our lessons learned. Our second release in 2015 continued that tradition. And in our third edition, InspiringApps shares our fine-tuned practical approach to help everyone in app development succeed.”


A little over 15 years ago, InspiringApps set out to build beautiful and engaging custom apps—web, mobile, and desktop apps that would inspire and impact clients, communities, and important causes. Since then, InspiringApps has collaborated with over 100 clients and written over 6 million lines of code (and counting). InspiringApps continues to bring valuable insights and expert leadership to product owners.

The new edition of InspiringApps’ flagship ebook comes packed with information. The primary goal: to help business leaders gain a deeper understanding of the mobile app development process before embarking on a new project. The third edition explains:

  • Key considerations before starting your project
  • Developmental tools and software required to build an app
  • How much financing is needed and the types of responsibilities involved in creating a new app
  • The process of building an app, from the beginning through distribution
  • How to market the app, and other steps to take after app submission

A free copy of the book can be downloaded on the InspiringsApps website or purchased for a nominal fee via Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.

About InspiringApps: App development that makes an impact. InspiringApps builds digital products that help companies impact their employees, customers, and communities. Yes, we build web, mobile, and custom apps, but what we offer is something above and beyond that. What we offer is inspiration. Our award-winning work has included 200+ apps since the dawn of the iPhone. InspiringApps core values: integrity, respect, commitment, inclusivity, and empathy. Our guarantee: finish line, every time, for every project.

Contact: Stephanie Mikuls
Phone: 303.635.6244

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InspiringApps: A Business Perspective on Building Mobile Apps was written to help you evaluate ideas and turn the best ones into a genuinely successful app for use within your company or for consumer sale.