Creating an Android Developer Account

9 months ago
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To publish Android apps to the Google Play App Store, you’ll be creating an Android developer account for your organization and setting up permissions. Follow the steps below to enable you to register Android apps.

Before You Begin

Creating an organization account with Google will provide you with the ability to invite other members of your team to contribute to your products. We strongly suggest that you register your organization, even if you are the only one currently managing it so that you have the option to add more people in the future. 

To enroll as an organization, you’ll need the following:

  • DUNS Number—A DUNS (or D-U-N-S) number is a unique 9-digit identifier for businesses. Request a new DUNS number through the Dun & Bradstreet site.
  • Status as Legal Entity—Your organization must have a legal form, such as a partnership, LLC, or corporation. You also need to have the legal right to commit your organization to legal contracts.
  • Organization Details—An organizational account will require you to provide organization size (number of employees), address, and phone number with country code.
  • Public Website—You need to have a website accessible to the public that is associated with your business.
  • Payment—There is a one-time fee of $25 for business accounts, which you can pay using a credit card of your choice.

Applying for a DUNS number may take longer than enrolling in your developer account. So if you don’t already have one, you should apply for it a.s.a.p.

Create Your Android Play Store Developer Account

When you have all the details needed as mentioned above, you’re ready to create your Android developer Google Play account. To sign up: 

Registration can take up to 48 hours before you see your developer name displayed on the Play Store app. 

Register Android Apps as an Organization

Play Store Android Developer Organization 

Invite Team Members

Once your developer account is approved, it’s time to set up your development team. To invite new users:

  • Click Users and permissions from the left sidebar on Google Play Console. 
  • Select Invite new users on the bottom right. 

Users will receive email invitations to join your development team. Invitations expire, so it is important for invitees to click on the corresponding link in a timely manner.

Android App Store Developer Team

Android Play Store Developer Team

Manage Play Store Android Developer Permissions

As the account owner, you can establish roles and permissions for all contributors. To set up access controls:

  • Navigate to the Account Permissions tab. 
  • Select Admin (all permissions) to give users full control of the app. If you’re not comfortable granting admin access, you’ll at least want to check these boxes:
    • Play Games Services—if you’ll be publishing games.
    • Releases.
    • Store Presence.

Rather than limiting roles to predefined permissions, Google offers account owners fine-grained control of permissions. That means you can establish the right level of access for all new users.

Android Publisher Permissions

Android Publisher Permissions

Additional Store Listing Resources

Congratulations—you now have access to an Android developer account, enabling you to publish and manage Android apps on Google Play. It is essential for configuring app services, submitting new apps, launching new updates, and managing your app(s).

Now that you have your account, consider exploring these additional store listing resources:

Whether you’re publishing on Android, iOS, or cross-platform, you can use InspiringApps resources to streamline app development.

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