InspiringApps Leverages Employee Feedback to Launch IA Commits

2 years ago
InspiringApps Leverages Employee Feedback to Launch IA Commits Image

The company is doubling down on its commitment to its local communities as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion with IA Commits.

Boulder, CO—InspiringApps, a premier software and app development company, introduces IA Commits, a new way to support non-profit organizations important to the InspiringApps team.

The IA Commits vision sprouted from InspiringApps employee feedback during a recent Great Place to Work® employee engagement survey. The team, which includes highly-experienced, tenured software developers, designers, and creatives, wanted to give back to the communities in which they live while offering mentorship opportunities and experience for underrepresented software developers without a computer science degree or comparable industry experience.

IA Commits provides an affordable option for local organizations, limited-budget, and not-for-profit clients to bring their web and mobile app dreams to life. With this program, clients can expect a high-quality digital product developed in collaboration with up-and-coming developers and the InspiringApps experienced development team for a fraction of the cost of typical projects.

“Company culture is essential to us. So when our employees provide feedback, we listen. IA Commits is a testament to our creative problem-solving and our commitment to serving our communities and aspiring software developers,” said Brad Weber, President and CEO of InspiringApps. “IA Commits supports our core values of inclusion and integrity, and we’re honored to be able to give back.”

The program also aims to change the face of today’s tech industry by providing career and training opportunities to underrepresented aspiring developers and coders.

“Finding your first job as a professional developer can be a challenge. Many companies favor candidates with years of experience and a computer science degree,” Stacy Griffin, Director of Operations, said. “With IA Commits, we’re filling gaps in coding knowledge and providing mentorship and experience to new developers on real client projects. We also help build the soft skills that are so important: team collaboration, client service, and managing business challenges.”

The new training program prepares developers to service clients by helping our communities. IA Commits will be tailored for each candidate to enhance their skill set, and these developers will work under the guidance and supervision of InspiringApps’  seasoned experts on exciting and fulfilling projects for nonprofits, local businesses, community initiatives, and more. It is a win for the developers, clients, and InspiringApps.

For Startups & Organizations Serving Our Communities

InspiringApps is searching for outstanding organizations that serve the communities where we work and live. We’d love to discuss your modest web and mobile app needs to see if it might be a match for our IA Commits development. You can learn more about the causes we’re most passionate about here:

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