Second Edition of InspiringApps’ eBook Now Available

8 years ago

Concise and insightful, this eBook is a must read for those seeking guidance on how to evaluate ideas and turn the best ones into successful apps for their company’s use or consumer sale.

BOULDER, CO (October 20, 2015) – InspiringApps announced today that it has released the second edition of its popular book, InspiringApps: A Business Perspective on Building Mobile Apps. The book provides leaders with an overview of the key business, marketing, and technical considerations involved in an app development project.

“One of our passions is helping others make sound decisions when it comes to integrating mobile apps into their business strategy,” states Brad Weber, CEO of InspiringApps and co-author of the book. “The book explains key concepts and industry trends, guiding leaders on how to best apply technology to business challenges.”

In the three years since the first edition was published, mobile hardware has improved, while software has advanced at a dizzying pace to keep up. The second edition provides a fresh overview of current operating systems and development platforms, as well as technologies ranging from beacons to the cloud to wearables. In addition to reviewing the latest mobile technology, the authors have added a chapter on market considerations to evaluate prior to embarking on a project. The book also provides new insights on resource planning, app distribution, and marketing the app.

A free copy of the book can be downloaded from the iBooks Store, or purchased for a nominal charge for Kindle from Amazon.

About Brad Weber & InspiringApps: Brad Weber, CEO and president of InspiringApps, has been developing web and mobile apps for over two decades. In 2007, he founded InspiringApps, a mobile app design and development company in Boulder, Colorado, serving clients in the greater Denver area and around the US. Their team has experience in numerous industries, and delights in developing custom tablet and phone apps that look sharp and perform flawlessly, whether they run on iOS, Android, or HTML5 platforms.

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