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An Initiative Case Study

Watching organizations thrive thanks to digital products we've designed and developed is enormously rewarding. Our team's talents, abilities, and empathetic approach to design, coding, and client support have made life easier and more enjoyable for millions of users.

As a natural extension of our lived values, we want to channel our resources into giving back to the community and causes we care about—causes like STEM, sustainability and the environment, mental health, diversity and inclusion, education, and first responders and frontline workers.

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Company Mission and Team Feedback Serve as a Catalyst

From our first days as a company, the InspiringApps mission and values have been at the core of everything we do. Empathy, commitment, integrity, and inclusivity have enabled InspiringApps to work with hundreds of companies, providing strategic business solutions and immersive experiences that transform ideas into reality. Although we're proud of the work we've done, we're most honored by the positive influence our products have on the organizations we serve and their employees, customers, and communities as well.

Each year, we ask our team what initiatives make InspiringApps a Great Place to Work®. In 2021, one idea quickly rose to the top of the list: the desire to give back. The fruit of this feedback launched our IA Commits program. Now a proven service offering, IA Commits helps our team and the organizations we support by:

  • Providing an affordable option for not-for-profit clients to bring their web and mobile app dreams to life.
  • Enabling organizations to serve their audience through applying our team's expert technical skills and resources.
  • Enabling our teams to do purposeful, fulfilling work for the communities and causes we care about.
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Our Process of Creating IA Commits

InspiringApps is proof that solid company culture fosters loyalty, creativity, and motivation. Almost half of our team has been working together for five years or longer. Along the way, we've created the environment, that made the IA Commits initiative possible: encouraging communication, welcoming ideas, and acting on feedback. As a result, many improvements in processes, branding, and more have been born.

We followed a time-tested process to develop and launch the IA Commits program. Collaborative from start to finish, our steps included:

  • Analyzing survey feedback from our Great Place to Work Certification™ to gain insight into the vision team members were presenting.
  • Hosting a brainstorming meeting following the survey, open to all InspiringApps employees, encouraging idea sharing.
  • Formulating a high-level concept and strategy for our initiative.
  • Creating a detailed plan that defines the initiative's service offering and recruiting program.

This process yielded a powerful impact—the formation of IA Commits.

A Non-Profit Solution Inspired by Commitment

We listen to our team because Inspired Employees Make InspiringApps. From the initial brainstorm to the launch of our first IA Commits client, the IA Commits initiative reflects the careful processes, creative thinking, and thorough planning we pour into every solution our team creates.

For non-profit organizations, IA Commits offers affordable, safe, and reliable development services with our mission-aligned team. Our commitment is to you, to our work, and to each other. Together, we’re making a positive impact through exceptional digital products.

Do our missions align? Let’s talk about app development for your non-profit organization.