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Join the missions in space with Lockheed Martin & InspiringApps

With the Artemis missions, the Orion spacecraft will take humanity back to the Moon, and the Explore Orion app developed by InspiringApps enables users to hop on board.

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An Out-of-This-World Mission

Orion is the only spacecraft that can safely carry astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit and into the depths of space. In the free Explore Orion mobile app developed by InspiringApps, users can explore the Artemis I mission. The Explore Orion app is available for download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.
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Space-Grade Features

The Explore Orion app offers a stunning 3D model enabling users to view the Orion spacecraft up close. An interactive timeline showcases Orion’s development and Artemis I mission milestones with key events and information. Users can also explore a video library of content related to Orion and Artemis and test their knowledge about Orion through interactive trivia.
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Messages in Outer Space

One of the payloads flying on the Artemis I mission is Callisto—a unique system powered by AI, voice, and video conferencing technology. Callisto is space-grade technology that provides a virtual connection to people and information back on Earth. Sending a message to outer space is just within reach. Anyone can send a personal message to Callisto through the Explore Orion app.
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Mission Complete

“We’re proud to share this unique app with the world, but especially with our partners, friends, and family. Explore Orion encapsulates what we do here at InspiringApps: we work with leading companies to bring their mission to life.” — Brad Weber, InspiringApps President & CEO

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