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Custom web app development by CreatingWE & InspiringApps

With a proven record of helping companies improve internal culture, CreatingWE understands how to use behavioral science to enable firms to realize their potential. CreatingWE partnered with InspiringApps for custom web app development to expand their business model by attracting new customers and refining the current customer experience.

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Improving client connection

CreatingWE was founded by husband and wife team Judith E. Glaser and Richard D. Glaser, originally as a consulting firm for Fortune 100 corporations. Judith was long recognized as a leader in neuro-chemical organizational behavior and published several best-selling books on improving company culture. 

Specializing in organizational communication, CreatingWE consults with international firms, using their trademarked Conversational Intelligence and Catalyst Tools to help create an open and transparent company culture. As corporate culture became increasingly digital, CreatingWE sought to embrace technology to complement its existing business models and enable new possibilities—like improving client connection—by developing a custom web app.

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Pushing the boundaries of Conversational Intelligence

CreatingWE first used a commercial survey tool to create its product. Over time, the business, technology and the approach to Conversational Intelligence evolved, and CreatingWE soon discovered it needed a more robust solution. CreatingWE wanted to change the tool to be more than just an assessment. It already offered customers three levels of options, called Catalyst Tools. Catalyst Tools help companies open up company-wide discussions to promote business. CreatingWE felt constrained by its current survey tool and needed a digital solution that could bring Conversational Intelligence and Catalyst Tools to the next level. With InspiringApps, CreatingWE considered how an app could expand the business and improve client connection.
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Agile development & strong partnership

After evaluating options, CreatingWE chose to outsource its custom web app development to InspiringApps. InspiringApps felt like the right fit because of our company size and because we have a culture that focuses on collaboration and listening to customers. We also came highly recommended by other leaders in the industry. CreatingWE found the InspiringApps development process to be an open partnership. CreatingWE wanted modifications, and InspiringApps’ agile approach to custom web app development made it easy to be receptive to those changes. Flexibility in designing the app helped CreatingWE feel confident about the app and its ability to meet customers where they need it. While pleased with the initial offering, CreatingWE appreciated that its team could continue to work with InspiringApps, developing and evolving the functionality alongside business growth.
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Transforming communication with a web app

InspiringApps developed a unique web app for CreatingWE. Many companies incorporate apps into their business models to increase efficiency, save time, and generate more revenue. But CreatingWE had a remarkable goal for its mobile app: to expand the space for contact and conversation. Some consulting firms acquire new customers to solve one-off problems for clients. CreatingWE fosters long-term relationships with its customers. CreatingWE’s app helps its coaches maintain solid connections with clients. The web app has drawn in new businesses from home and abroad to expand CreatingWE’s already international presence. For CreatingWE, good communication is a primary objective. Like the business itself, the app generates a culture of Conversational Intelligence. To learn more about how a web app can help improve client connection for your company, reach out to our team today.

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