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Transforming mental health through connectivity

Meet Empath, winner of two global awards for excellence in app development. This mental health app creates a unique space where people can be vulnerable and share their authentic selves rather than an artificial curation of their lives.

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Crafting a digital path to authentic connection

While our society is more “connected” than any other in history, people feel profound loneliness, in part because they don’t feel truly known. Many are afraid to share their struggles and concerns, for fear of being judged.

Empath addresses these challenges by enabling people to anonymously share their feelings. Others can offer empathy by responding to the post. The writer can then open up and share more with that person directly, if they desire.

In addition to fostering rich connections, the app enables improved emotional mindfulness by tracking a user’s feelings over time. The combination benefits mental health and wellbeing, helping individuals – and society – to flourish.

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The art of empathetic app development

Each post was designed to almost fill the screen. This encourages the user to feel the emotional weight of each post, promoting authentic engagement and support.

Apple’s Dynamic Type feature was implemented in this app to broaden accessibility. People with visual impairments can use the app more easily as a result.

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Talented, professional, creative

“I cannot say enough good things about InspiringApps. They are talented, professional, creative, and persistent, going above and beyond what’s expected of them. ”

— Empath

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