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It used to be that there was only one event that brought innovation to the global stage - The World’s Fair. This showcase of entrepreneurial spirit lent inspiration for decades and played a role in launching technologies of all sorts.

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral."

Antoine de St-Exupery

Our partnerships span from global corporations to innovative startups

Our Clients

We’ve designed and developed all kinds of engaging, creative, and functional mobile and web apps that span iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5 platforms. We are Dreamers. Collaborators. Passionate partners. We’ve had the privilege of working alongside numerous great companies and we’d love the opportunity to work with you too.

Business Enablement Projects

We’ve helped businesses succeed by developing apps and software that showcase products, manage relationships, improve services, and promote sales.

Our app we developed for Gulfstream

Nothing less than an interactive and visually stunning product catalog app would be appropriate for showcasing products from this iconic aviation company.

The way you tell your story can matter as much as the story itself. With a commitment to creating and delivering the world’s finest aviation experience, Gulfstream needed a sophisticated mobile education tool for talking to potential clients. We helped to them to create an interactive app for iPad and Android tablets that goes beyond static pictures to enable clients understand Gulfstream’s legacy, visualize cabin customization options, evaluate various technical benefits, and experience the customer support that only Gulfstream can offer to them.

Our app we developed for MDM

Integrating numerous data sources into one cloud-based repository enabled this award-winning provider of market intelligence to improve efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our app we developed for Apex

An innovator in ski boot technology, Apex leverages the passion of their brand ambassadors to help promote their products, thanks to this elegantly simple phone app.

Brand ambassadors help to take many businesses to the next level. Mobilizing and equipping your advocates isn’t always easy, but mobile apps like the one that we designed and developed for Apex Ski Boots can help. With the ability to show products and features, refer consumers, and track ambassador reward points, this cross platform app helps motivate their team to share the brand story whether on the mountain or off. Our AppSync technology ensures the app works, even when an internet connection isn’t available.

Work Force Productivity Projects

We’ve helped field workforces improve productivity with phone and tablet apps that track training, monitor merchandising, and manage all sorts of data.

Our app we developed for Smartwool

Account management time was dramatically reduced for this leading outdoor brand through creation of an iPad app that tracks training, inventory, and POS merchandising.

Retail merchandising plays a critical role in sell-through of products, but oversight of the work can be time-consuming and error prone. We helped SmartWool to streamline this process by designing and developing a custom tablet app and administrative website. Their field team uses the mobile app to capture photos and document clinics, inventory, and the state of in-store merchandising. The resulting reports are then immediately available to those who want them, ensuring business needs are quickly being addressed. The app leverages our AppSync technology for offline use, automatically updating when a network connection is available.

Our app we developed for Envysion

Through creation of an app that employs advanced video streaming capabilities, Envysion enables large brands to improve operations and mitigate loss, even when they can’t be on site.

Our app we developed for Expensebot

This innovative new company aims to help corporations save time and money by automating the entire expense reporting process from receipt capture to reimbursement.

Although expense reporting is a necessary part of business life, it’s often tedious and time consuming. ExpenseBot dramatically reduces the required effort for everyone involved, from those incurring expenses to the accounting team responsible for processing. We’ve worked in conjunction with their developers to create a mobile app that enables users to easily capture receipts using their phone. The app then automatically matches transactions to credit card entries, and drafts an expense report for review. Data capture protocols ensure security, and seamless integration with accounting systems means greater efficiency.

Consumer Connection Projects

We’ve helped consumers connect to favorite brands by building software that helps them show their style, pursue their passions, and share their stories.

Our app we developed for Polarbottle

A top manufacturer of insulated bottles, Polar Bottle set their brand apart through this web-based tool that allows athletes infinite options in bottle customization.

Today’s competitive environment requires innovative solutions to help your business stay ahead. Polar Bottle wanted their consumers to have the ability to easily create a bottle design that was uniquely their own. We helped them make this complex task possible through an interactive web-based tool that allows consumers the ability to choose background colors, use multiple photos, and add text with numerous font, size and color options. Through advanced rendering techniques, the tool displays 360 degree views of the bottle to ensure the design is just right.

Our app we developed for Empath

Created with a desire that people should never feel alone, this elegantly simple social app allows users to anonymously share their emotions and empathize with others in a safe environment.

Our app we developed for Intelivideo

This digital content delivery platform helps people to get instant, secure access to their favorite digital content from movies to tutorials on their computer or mobile device.

Technological advances have changed consumer habits at a record pace. Consumers now expect to find, view, and buy video content on any device at any time. We worked with Intelivideo to create a Mac desktop app, as well as Android and Apple mobile apps, that enable consumers to securely and easily stream and download digital materials from vendors of all sorts. The platform offers content creators the ability to customize content offerings, create subscription packages, personalize the branding, and even control access based on time, device, or location.

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