Staying Current with Changing Technology

As a leader in mobile app development, we consider it our responsibility to keep current with changing technology. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, though, given the vast number of new products, languages, versions, and technologies that continue to be created in this industry. In our experience, staying on top of your game requires two things: time commitment and an awareness of how you learn best. The team at InspiringApps spans a wide variety of personalities and each of us has a preference for how to keep our tech knowledge fresh. Here’s a summary of our techniques for staying sharp in a sea of constant change.

Ideas for Staying Current with Changing Technology

We list many higher-tech options below, but we have to mention books first. The old-fashioned way to learn still has its appeal. We appreciate a few different book series from several publishers:
Manning Publications, especially the MEAP program:
Pragmatic Bookshelf:
When we’re looking for a deep dive into a subject, but want a more interactive approach, we like taking a course online. Some of our favorite sites include:
General Assembly:
Studio by UXPin (specific to design):
College classes are another way to get expert insight into a particular topic. Amazingly, many universities provide access to their professors’ lectures at no charge. It’s almost as good as being in the room! We’re tuned into:
Stanford Lecture Series:
MIT Open Courseware:
There are lots of other options for those of us who are auditory learners. Whether commuting to work, taking a long bike ride, or relaxing before turning in for the night, we’re hooked on these podcasts:
Android Dev
Android Developers Backstage:
iOS Dev
Core Intuition:
The App Guy:
Developing Perspective:
General Tech
Accidental Tech:
Re/code Decode:
TWiT (This Week in Tech):, especially MacBreak Weekly
Daily Tech News Show:
Information is plentiful, and many of us find it helpful to get small doses on a regular basis. These sites present information in manageable chunks or combine similar content from different sources.
[Within reddit, we love the article links and new lib releases that show up here: and here: and here:]
In a similar vein, blogs and newsletters are another great way to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in the tech space. Some provide curated information from a variety of sources, while others represent the views of a particular person. Here are a few we trust for insights:
Android Weekly:
AndroidDev Digest:
iOS Dev Weekly:
Android Developers Blog:
Fast Co Design:
While learning on our own is great, there’s nothing like rubbing elbows with folks as interested in tech as we are. We enjoy connecting with people locally, and find Meetups to be a great way to meet others. Likewise, expanding our network on LinkedIn via groups and updates often leads us to new resources we hadn’t considered. And, if you have the time and resources, industry conferences are stellar. The face-to-face conversations and interactive sessions are hard to beat. Our favorites:
Google I/O:
With all these options, how do you choose? As we mentioned at the start, we think the best advice is simply “know thyself.” Like an exercise regimen, we recommend picking a method that works for you, which increases the chances that you’ll stick with it. If you’re not a morning person, you’d never commit to a 5AM jog each day. Likewise, if you don’t have uninterrupted listening time, podcasts may not be the right choice for you. Decide on the time you want to spend, figure out how you like to learn, choose a suggestion or two from our list, and keep on learning!