Perfect Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List: Our 2018 Gift Guide

While it might be the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season brings with it the stresses of extended family, office parties, and finding the perfect holiday gifts for all the names on your list. To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve compiled a few of the most exciting tech presents that offer something to all your friends and family.

The list includes holiday gifts for the gamers, music lovers, parents, and busy professionals in your life. From household gadgets to office essentials, you’ll find the perfect holiday gift to satisfy everyone — and maybe even discover something you want on your own list!

Prices listed are MSRP. Follow the links below or try a browser extension like Honey to help ensure you have the best deal. If you happen to be an Amazon shopper, consider buying via AmazonSmile. You receive all the same benefits, plus Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the charity of your choice.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Home

Philips Hue White Ambience A19 LED Starter Kit

The starter kit allows you to change the temperature of the light in your home. Select a soft-yellow when you’re trying to wind down in the evenings and cooler whites for the mornings when you need some mental energy. For ultimate convenience, the corresponding app lets you customize color temperature and schedule to fit your routine. Best Buy | $149.99

Cable Bite

Looking for smaller gifts or stocking fillers? The adorable animals of Cable Bite clip onto your smartphone charging cable. While appearing to bite the end of your phone, Cable Bites offer protection to your cable with a side of fun. Cable Bite | $5.50

Elago Charging Hub

This three-in-one hub lets you charge your Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone simultaneously. Elago’s sleek design includes cable management that declutters your desk and prevents damage to your chargers. Whether on your office desk or your nightstand, the Elago dock streamlines your charging needs. Elago |$24.99

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Busy Professionals

Luna Display

This hardware turns your iPad into a second screen display for your Mac. The size of a USB memory stick, Luna has a straight-forward set-up process and links with your WIFI to become a second display on-the-go. Luna fully connects your Mac to your iPad, or, as the company puts it: “It literally turns your Mac into a touchable device.” Luna Display | $79.99

iPad Pro

“It’s all new, all screen, and all powerful.” As Apple positions it, the newest iPad offers features and accessibility that will put users more in mind of a computer than a tablet. The all-glass Retina display offers the highest visual resolution and touch responsiveness. Apple has stepped up security, and the iPad Pro includes Face ID to unlock, log-in to apps, or access Apple Pay. Apple | $799.00

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Creatives

Apple Pencil 2

For the designers and artists on your list, combine the Luna Display or the iPad pro with the newest Apple Pencil. The precise, low-latency design allows for exact drawing and writing, as well as double-tap capabilities. The pencil magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro for charging and pairing. Apple | $129.00

Moment Tele Portrait Lens

Moment’s lens attachments allow those with a photographic bent to capture incredible images, even if they don’t have their favorite SLR along for the day. The lens and mounting system are independent, so the investment isn’t lost if your recipient switches phones. An added bonus is that the lens comes packaged in an attractive gift box. Moment | $89.99

Wacom Cintiq Pro

Know an illustrator or animator? Consider the latest Wacom tablet that provides high precision pen-to-screen interaction. The newest technology gives you true-color displays with larger 24- and 32-inch screen options. Wacom | $1,999.95

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Fun

Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Habanero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This waterproof speaker gives you big volume wrapped in a lightweight, portable design. With color options like Giraffic Park and Sugarplum, the UE ROLL 2 comes with colors just as a loud as its sound. Features include a 100 foot Bluetooth range and a marine-grade bungee to attach it to your bike or scooter and take your music with you. Ultimate Ears | $99.99

PS4 Pro

“Ready to level up?” The newest PlayStation uses hardware that gives users a high-quality gaming experience with sharp visuals, and enhanced power provides gamers with faster frame rates. Visuals Play on your 4K-TV for the best experience and highest resolution. Play Station | $399.99

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Tile Slim

The first Tile solved a common household problem: finding lost keys or a misplaced bag. Using a smartphone app, Tile plays music to help relocate your missing items. The Tile Slim’s compact size allows you to find a lost phone, wallet, or passport with a Bluetooth range of 150 feet. Tile | $30

Loop World Adapter Plug 3.0

This universal adapter makes a great gift for the international travelers on your gift list. Loop offers technology that can recognize the power needs of every device you plug in. It also features a Universal 8 pin AC Socket, Dual USB ports, and a Safety Shutter. Loop Electronics | $19.95

GoPro HERO7 Black

The HERO7 offers comparable features to leading DSLR camera models such as frames per second and image bursts – at a much smaller size. With some of the best stabilization technology on the market, this GoPro provides “insanely smooth video”. The HERO7 model combines waterproof durability with voice control for when you’re biking, rafting, or skydiving. GoPro | $399.99