Exciting New Tech for 2017

At this time of year, we start thinking about new innovations that could make an impact in 2017. We are excited about a wide range of new tech including wearables, bike locks, and gaming. While our list is far from comprehensive, we think these new products are worth a look.

Motiv Smart Ring

New Tech Motiv Smart Ring
We’ve mentioned wearables many times before, and quite a few of us at InspiringApps rely on a wearable every day. With the introduction of the Motiv smart ring, wearables have gotten small enough to fit around your finger. The Motiv ring tracks your resting heart rate, activity, and sleep, and comes with standalone GPS so you can run without your phone and still track your workout. Available this spring.

UA Record-Equipped Shoes

New Tech UA Record-Equipped Shoe
Under Armour will introduce a lightweight running shoe next month that tracks speed and distance from your run and automatically uploads the data to the Under Armour MapMyRun platform. By using their Jump Around test, muscle fatigue and recovery rate are assessed, providing a suggestion about how intensely to run.

Lattis Ellipse Bike Lock

New Tech Lattis Ellipse Bike Lock
The Lattis Ellipse is a solar-powered bike lock that sends an alert to your phone if it senses a disturbance. Encrypted, keyless entry allows for worry-free locking and unlocking from your phone, with a backup touchpad if your phone is not available.

GoTenna Portable Network

New Tech GoTenna Mesh
For back country enthusiasts, the GoTenna Mesh may be a life saver. It allows you to relay off-grid messages through other users to extend your range and reach your recipients. You can text or call when cellular, satellite, and wifi services are down. Available in March.

Super Retro Boy

New Tech Super Retro Boy
We wrote about the retro remake of the NES Classic Edition in our holiday gift guide, and now another favorite is coming back to life. The Game Boy was officially retired over a decade ago, and Nintendo does not have plans to bring it back. However, a company called Retro-Bit is doing just that with its Super Retro Boy. We are eager to get back to the good old days of playing Tetris and other classic games. Available in August.

Project Valerie Triple Display Laptop

New Tech Project Valerie Display
This last tech innovation is still in its concept stage, but it has an eye-catching design and impressive hardware. Project Valerie from Razer boasts THREE displays, is surprisingly slim, and plans to revolutionize the way gamers play. We think it could be impactful to UI design and even software development too.
If you’ve seen some exciting new tech for 2017, we’d love to hear about it. Share it with us here, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.