Product Development

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Designing for Generation X20200612171329

Designing for Generation X

Gen X embraces ever-evolving technology and looks for digital solutions not only for themselves, but also for their kids and aging parents....
Designing for Baby Boomers20191219200257

Designing for Baby Boomers

With the Baby Boomer generation currently the nation’s largest living generation, it's critical to consider their needs in product design....
The Importance of Color in Design20190821235210

The Importance of Color in Design

Many things influence the design of the user interface in digital products, and the importance of color in design cannot be overstated. ...
Getting People Hooked on Your App20170109162508

Getting People Hooked on Your App

Why do some apps succeed while others do not? Author Nir Eyal would suggest it’s because use of the app has become a habit. How does that happen?...