Our 2020 Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

Every celebration will look a little different this year. Fortunately we may still have the opportunity to choose amazing gifts for our loved ones. We’re excited to provide our 2020 gift guide for tech lovers. We hope our selections will be a source of delight for your friends and family.

ēdn SmallGarden

It really is hard to summarize why the ēdn SmallGarden is the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. For this reason, the product is a top choice for our 2020 gift guide for tech lovers. The aesthetically-pleasing Internet of Things (IoT) device seamlessly blends tech and gardening to create a fun, effortless experience for users. Indoor plants reap many benefits, from supporting a greener planet, to improving productivity and reducing stress, to imparting new bragging rights. Yet, many of us are reluctant to take up gardening because developing a green thumb is challenging. Users simply pair the SmartGarden to their phone. The ēdn app controls light and water levels, as well as provides notifications on when plants are ready to harvest. InspiringApps developed this app and really enjoyed working with the wonderful team at ēdn to bring it to fruition. The innovative product is available for purchase at West Elm and Apple as well as on ēdn’s website for $199.95.

Nintendo Game & Watch

Anyone into gaming in the 80s and 90’s will have been a fan of Nintendo devices, such as the Game Boy and the Nintendo 64. These devices are largely now just part of the past, although you can find ROM versions of some of the popular games, such as paper mario. Download paper mario on Gamulator if you want to play it again. But Nintendo have decided to give us a blast from the past which any longtime gamer in your life (or even anyone who enjoyed video games growing up) will appreciate. The new Nintendo Game & Watch, which is why we’ve added it to our 2020 gift guide for tech lovers. The console provides nostalgia-fueled fun by hosting the 1985 Super Mario Bros. games. Creators chose to make the system resemble the 80s handheld rather than the original Game Boy. Game & Watch includes just three games (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, and Ball). Yet, many fans believe it is the most expertly-crafted format of the 35-year-old game to date. The system costs $49.99.

SoLight Design Solar Lanterns

An origami-style, inflatable lamp by SoLight Design may be the perfect gift for the conscious consumer on your list. The unique product lies flat and accumulates solar energy when not in use and puffs up when light is needed. SoLight Design reflects the experiences of its founder, Alice Min Soo Chun, who learned origami folds as a child and currently teaches Architecture and Material Technology at Columbia University. The recyclable, biodegradable technology was featured at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Researchers have also studied use of the lamps in low-income communities. Several products, including multicolor versions of the SolarPuff™ and Helix, are available for under $50.00.

The Bottle by LifeFuels

The Bottle by LifeFuels may be a good option for the health and fitness enthusiast in your life. The Internet of Things (IoT) device is a smart nutrition bottle. Users can create individualized beverages by adding their selections of flavor, nutrients, essential vitamins, and caffeine to The Bottle. The LifeFuels app uses ultrasonic wave technology to track hydration and nutrients as well as adjust strength and flavor. The Starter Pack includes The Bottle and three pods for $99.00, followed by a monthly subscription thereafter.

August Wifi Smart Lock

Given the uncertainty of the times, security has become a popular focus of new technology. The new Wi-Fi Smart Lock by August converts a deadbolt lock into a smart lock. The technology has built-in Wi-Fi. Features of the lock include the capacity to remotely lock or unlock the door and check its status, grant “virtual guest” keys, and view who’s using the door. The lock connects with both the August app and the AppleWatch. The Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Keypad is currently on sale for $249.99.

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds

If a loved one on your list is simply seeking additional peace and quiet this year, the QuietOn Sleep Earbuds may be a good option. QuietOn’s high-tech earplugs are considered the world’s smallest active noise cancelling earbuds. The technology combines active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to block out disruptive sounds, such as traffic noise and snoring. In addition to supporting a quiet night of sleep, QuietOn Sleep Earbuds are great to wear while traveling or working. For a limited time QuietOn Sleep Earbuds are available for purchase for $159.00.

Artifact Uprising Brass Easel & Calendar

The Brass Easel & Calendar by Artifact Uprising makes for a thoughtful, beautifully designed gift that your friends and family will certainly appreciate. Gift givers use the Artifact Uprising app to select 12 of their favorite photos, which the app screens for appropriate resolution. Users can then efficiently create and order a personal calendar in time for the new year, and spend just under $50. The InspiringApps team built this app and we like to think about how it might be used for creative gift giving this year.