Listen to InspiringApps CEO on Building to Scale Podcast

Our Founder and CEO, Brad Weber, recently joined the Building to Scale podcast with Admentus to talk about his entrepreneurial experience in building a remote team. Now with offices in multiple states and a growing remote team, Brad shares some of the growing pains and successes he’s had at InspiringApps.

Key Takeaway
Build a strong foundation – As Brad states, while we have been successful with a 14-year history and more than 20 employees, we would have been better served by introducing strategy, process, and a stronger foundation earlier in the game.

Lessons Learned
  • Build a Foundation – Having structure – systems, processes, etc. in your business can make a huge difference in the long term of a business from both an efficiency perspective as well as a value perspective.
  • Contractors vs. Employees – Regardless of whether you are dealing with contractors or employees, ensure there is a cultural fit and buy-in to ensure that everybody is committed and pulling in the same direction.
  • Continual Learning – As an entrepreneur and an executive, learning never stops.

Listen to the full interview on YouTube or at the Admentus website.