ēdn SmallGarden at Apple and West Elm

We are thrilled for our partners at ēdn, as their SmallGarden is now available to buy online at Apple and West Elm! The SmallGarden is expertly engineered and beautifully designed with advanced LED lights and WiFi enabled processors that make growing fully automated. Combined with the ēdn app, you can seamlessly manage the lighting schedule, see garden alerts, and get detailed guidance on the growth of your plants to help you go from planting to harvest and beyond.

The handcrafted gardens use responsibly-sourced bent wood and anodized aluminum to create their garden boxes. The result is a product design that complements both nature and the room it’s in. ēdn provides a wide range of dirt-free SeedPods that easily drop into place. Users can grow gardens that prove useful with herbs and vegetables, or go a more decorative route with flowers and foliage. The easy and intuitive app helps users to monitor water, light and temperature, guiding the user through the growing process from start to finish.

We enjoyed working with ēdn on the app to leverage technology for a fun and automated home gardening experience. Most recently, a new version of the iOS app was released, complete with HomeKit support for an even more integrated product experience. An Android app will also be available soon. We believe that app development done well results in products that delight users and deliver real value, and that’s never been more true than with ēdn. 

Congratulations again to the team at ēdn! We are excited about their success and the future of their product. If you have an app idea that you’d like to explore, please contact us. We’d love to use our experience to help your idea grow.