How to Create a Great App Store Landing Page

A great app store landing page is an essential component of marketing your app. An informative and eye-catching app store landing page helps customers to discover your app and plays a key role in driving downloads of your app. Both Google Play and the Apple App Store currently host around 2 million apps each. In this kind of competitive landscape, it’s hard to capture the attention of a potential customer without a great app store landing page.

How to Create a Great App Store Landing Page

While there are many components to the landing page, here are four top items to focus on to create a great app store landing page:

  1. Utilize relevant keywords
  2. Nail your description text
  3. Sell your features visually
  4. Encourage reviews

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Utilize Relevant Keywords

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of knowing and utilizing relevant keywords! In today’s digital world, all content is filtered before it is delivered to you, from what Instagram posts you see at the top of your feed to the order of websites you view in a Google search. We all appreciate this, for it helps us to actually find the information and products we want.

Website builders everywhere think carefully about how to use keywords on their site to improve the likelihood of being found by interested parties, a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Searches in the app store are no exception to this process and even claim a unique variety: App Store Optimization (ASO). The majority of app discovery and downloads today come from search, so ranking for relevant keywords is your app’s best chance of being found.

Not sure what your keywords should be? Consider the main functions that your app performs, as well as the pain points it soothes, when thinking about building up your keyword repertoire. When optimizing your listing, try including a few keyword synonyms as they help plant your app within your specific market.

Also consider incorporating a long-tail keyword. For example, using the long-tail keyword “customized nutrition plans” gives a health and fitness app a better chance of ranking high than using a more common phrase like “meal prep.” However, be cautious with how detailed your keywords become; keywords should be detailed enough to ensure you fit into some niche part of your industry, but not so specific that no one searches for them.

Nail Your Description Text

Just like social media captions and website previews, only so much of your description is visible to your potential customer when they first arrive on your product page. Google calls this visible text the “short description” and allows up to 80 characters. Apple doesn’t call it out separately, but shows about 255 characters from your description.

In order to create a great app store landing page, these opening statements should pack a punch and clearly convey to potential customers the value your app offers. They need to be compelling in and of themselves, and should include at least one of the keywords you identified. This text from the landing page for Artifact Uprising does both:

App Landing Description Example
Source: Artifact Uprising app

After the opening statements, both stores will show the rest of your description content under a “read more” cutoff. All of this text will be indexed and utilized within the search process, so it’s relevant for ASO. Take note: while keywords represent a critical component that guides app store ranking and should be included within the description text, stuffing keywords can hurt the performance of your app and flag it as spam.

Beyond ASO, though, this text is your chance to tell potential users what makes your app unique and why they will love it. Be sure to illustrate what value your app provides to those who use it, and communicate in terminology your audience will appreciate and understand. This is your chance to stand apart in a line-up of potentially similar offerings.

Sell Your Features Visually

The images utilized on your app store landing page can really help to capture someone’s attention, and can have a significant impact on the install rate. A great app store landing page will include screenshots that highlight the best features of your app and provide a peak into how it looks.

If there’s no app preview or promo video (more on those in a moment), the first three screenshots you include will be visible on your app store landing page. Sometimes it’s helpful to create an image that includes the screenshot plus some descriptive text above it, in order to orient the user to what’s being shown.

App Landing Screenshots
Source: ēdn app

Have a lot to share? Consider trying out an App Preview for the Apple App Store or a Promo Video for the Google Play Store. Instead of selling the differentiating points of your app in text, these videos allow you to show your audience the functionality and usability of your app.

For highly visual apps, these videos allow you to overcome the challenge of articulating in words a concept better seen in action. Yet any app can benefit from a video by offering consumers a refreshing way to experience features before downloading.

While creating a preview video definitely offers additional appeal, know that producing a successful one takes planning. Before you jump in, take some time to think through the following:

  • Define your focus – the scope needs to be narrow enough to be covered in a brief span of time (generally 30 seconds is advised).
  • Determine a logical way to order concepts and present features. Put yourself in the mind of a customer viewing everything for the first time. What information do they need to grasp in order to believe your app is just what they need?
  • Develop a script that includes talking points and how they interact with your visuals. Avoid turning your script into a sales pitch; successful app store videos emphasize experience and emotion.

Encourage Reviews

The value of a positive reviews is high, both for influencing how your app ranks in search, and for compelling others to take the risk to download your app. As with any product, great app reviews come from a great user experience, so that’s the most important place to focus your efforts.

While some people will choose to leave a review on their own, others benefit from being prompted. We encourage you to wait until your user has logged a few sessions before making a request. There are a number of tools available to developers that provide an easy way to gather feedback. We encourage you to talk with your development partner to figure out what makes the most sense for your app.

App Store Landing Reviews
Source: Voxicard app

Final Thoughts on Building a Great App Store Landing Page

In a growing market of available mobile apps, brands need to leverage every advantage within reach to promote their app. Creating an app store landing page that hits on some wow factors can help position an app and raise its chances of success in the marketplace.

Great app store landing pages focus on the problems solved by the app, highlight its functions and capabilities, and show the consumer why to choose that app over alternatives. While there are a number of components to the app store landing page beyond what we’ve discussed here, we believe focusing the four we listed are high gain places to start.

If you have questions about best practices for app store landing pages, want to learn more about ASO, or have an idea for an app, get in touch with us today. And, if you’d like to stay on top of mobile trends and tech, consider signing up for our monthly newsletter.