Enterprise App Development Services: Optimizing Efficiency & ROI

8 months ago
Enterprise App Development Services: Optimizing Efficiency & ROI Image

Running a large business smoothly and profitably requires a lot of effort. Mobile and web applications have the potential to make it easier and more cost-efficient to conduct business operations.

However, enterprise app development is complex. Building an enterprise app can be daunting, even for companies with in-house development teams. Often, enterprises need an external specialist to concentrate exclusively on designing and developing the app. You need a partner with the reputation and experience you can trust to deliver a solution that fits perfectly with your business needs while saving you time and increasing ROI.

InspiringApps is an expert in designing and building solutions for enterprise clients that improve operational efficiency, inform important business decisions, and create a lasting impression with their customers. Every enterprise is different, and our approach to enterprise app development services reflects that.

We work as an extension of your team to understand your business, iterate through agile development, meet rigorous quality standards, and deliver a custom digital solution. Choose one or more of the following services for your business.

Custom App Development Services

Clean code and fast, efficient programming are only the beginning of what our app development team adds to your project. The InspiringApps team includes experts in custom iOS, Android, and web development, applying the latest technology trends to deliver custom software development solutions that delight and engage millions of users.

Mobile App Development for Enterprises

Mobile apps have been a part of our digital world since Nokia built the “Snake” arcade game into their first phones in 1997. Since then, mobile applications have reached every aspect of our lives: cooking, traveling, gaming, learning, reading, networking, and everything else. 

There are many reasons to build a mobile app. A mobile app can enrich and improve your customer experience and connect your clients to your brand—all while they’re on the go. Discover our mobile solutions in iOS and Android app development:

  • Our pure native solutions offer superior design, performance, security, and compliance, using Java for Android app development and Swift for iOS app development.
  • Our hybrid app solutions apply frontend code (Javascript and CSS) traditionally used in web apps but packaged for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 
  • Our cross-platform app solutions use the latest tools like Flutter and Dart to quickly deliver full features and functionality.

“One of the things that separates mobile apps from web apps is that we have this opportunity to contain our data between multiple screens and lots of different places and still utilize it so that things load very quickly and you have a great and responsive user experience. Using all these tools, ensuring you play nicely with the server, keeps engagement high.”


Web App Development Solutions for Enterprises

Our custom solutions are modular, scalable, and robust. Whether you need an integration with enterprise systems like Salesforce or an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant solution for your most sensitive information, we will create a solution that meets your goals. We build web apps that:

  • Use responsive web design.
  • Feature a custom content management system (CMS). 
  • Interact with servers using NodeJS for development.
  • Use cloud infrastructures—like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Improve how clients handle data, maintaining large relational and non-relational databases for complex systems.

InspiringApps’ web expertise runs deep. It’s been an integral part of our business since our founding over 15 years ago. Our developers have designed and delivered end-to-end web solutions for browsers and the cloud.

“Experience plays a big hand. You’ll lean on that experience when you start building an app from scratch to know what areas you need to focus on and which areas you can punt down the road. To just do all the things all the time from the beginning is too expensive; it’s too impractical. So, it does take a practiced hand.”


Strategic Architecture Solutions for Enterprise App Development

Web and mobile app architectures are essential to your product’s success. Not only that but fixing a foundational problem can quickly drain valuable resources, especially when you don’t have an outsider’s perspective to consider. 

InspiringApps has the expertise to implement architecture solutions at all development lifecycle stages. We’ll work with your team to integrate your product’s presentation, business, and data layers to create a fully structured app. Our services help to avoid costly maintenance issues down the road.

“There’s the adage that there’s no silver bullet. It’s not ‘if,’ it’s ‘when’ some tool, framework, or architecture will fall apart. In large teams, as we’ve worked in the past, with 200 or 300 developers, the key to working well is decoupling things as much as possible and breaking things into logical components with loose coupling. We’ve been defining really clear application barriers for a distinct data layer, domain layer, and then, the application logic. The same thing goes for maintenance. When you have clear barriers in place, it makes maintaining things a lot easier.”


App Design

InspiringApps has collaborated with clients from a wide variety of industries. But a unifying quality of our diverse portfolio is creating experiences that delight users. We’ll work closely with you to understand your users and brand mission to convert this information into unparalleled web and mobile app design. Our app design services include the following:

  • Digital Product Strategy
  • UX Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Brand Identity Design

Our team’s ability to merge behavioral science and creativity in our app design approach will help you captivate users in a new way.

Feasibility Analysis for Enterprise App Development

The InspiringApps team is here to help you determine if a project is viable. Our concept feasibility analysis incorporates factors critical to the digital product lifecycle of enterprise application development. We review the following key areas:

  • Technical Considerations: How will you build features into your app that address security, performance, and other important technical qualities?
  • Product Economics: Does your product meet the needs of today’s users?
  • Legal Issues: What legal considerations should you be aware of to protect your project’s authorship and revenue?
  • Operational & Logistical Factors: Can you efficiently produce your app within the constraints of your project?

Our team reviews the impact of these interrelated factors on your project. This information makes it easy to decide if a new opportunity is right for you.

UI/UX Audit

In today’s digital landscape, apps play a crucial role in the success of businesses. However, creating a seamless user experience (UI/UX) is vital to engage users and drive business outcomes—particularly across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and web apps. How do you best interpret user feedback to prioritize updates when you’ve been so close to the development and may still need improvements? This is where an InspiringApps UI/UX audit becomes invaluable.

Conducting a UI/UX audit is essential for enhancing the development and design of enterprise applications, as it helps ensure that the app meets the needs and expectations of its users. Our UI/UX audits comprehensively evaluate an application’s user interface and experience, focusing on deep quality testing, brand review, common personas, and user journeys. Shared among our development, QA, and creative teams, our process identifies actionable areas for improvement so you can take the right steps to optimize the app’s overall functionality and design.

Technical Risk Analysis

Anticipating technical risks within a rapidly evolving mobile app market is challenging. InspiringApps has a proven track record of giving clients tools to sidestep common pitfalls and easily launch mobile apps.

Our team has extensive experience evaluating risks of platform rejections, security breaches, and feature overload (to name a few). We’ll help you approach technical concerns proactively so that you can stay focused on delivering an exceptional app.

Accessibility Best Practices

Our team has extensive experience developing B2B and B2C apps that embody the highest accessibility standards. We love applying our expertise in creating products that all individuals can understand and use to help clients create inclusive apps. 

We’ll help you take a research-based approach to design web, Android, and iOS apps with accessibility in mind. Our services consistently result in accessible apps that align with industry guidelines and create more opportunities for user engagement.

Code Review & Security Audit for Enterprise Apps

Our code audits relieve clients of glitches and vulnerabilities in their products and enable them to deliver a secure, healthy app to their users. We’ll apply our experience writing 6 million lines of code (and counting) to identify structural problems in your code and strategize efficient ways to address them. Our tailored audits include deep code reviews and analyses that will allow you to keep your project moving forward.

Internet of Things & Augmented Reality

Although developing mobile apps for Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) devices is relatively new, InspiringApps has extensive experience in this area. We continue to develop outstanding apps that work well with cutting-edge devices. We’ll collaborate with your team to ensure that critical features of IoT and AR apps—seamless design, perfect device pairing, and high performance, among others—are embodied in your digital product.

SaaS Integrations

The InspiringApps team has the expertise to build exceptional mobile apps for your Software as a Service (SaaS) brand. We’ll collaborate with you to create a plan for developing an app that meets the needs of your end users. We’ll then help you update your product to reflect operational excellence and provide on-demand access to the SaaS services your users value most.

Executive Consulting

The InspiringApps team has designed and built innovative apps for some of the largest organizations in the world. While tech companies often prefer to rely on the expertise of in-house developers, our experience building hundreds of apps can provide a fresh perspective on your project. Our team can work with your executive leadership to analyze risk and strategize ways to deliver top digital products.

Enterprise App Development Clients

Tangible ROI

Our design and development considerations streamline functionality and user experience with tangible ROI

  • Companies like Coors and Toyota partnered with InspiringApps on enterprise apps that increased sales. 
  • The award-winning app for our client Smartwool cut reporting time in half and improved retail service. 
  • We built an immersive in-app experience for Gulfstream for prospective customers that garnered multiple awards. 
  • The Explore Orion app showcased space-grade technology—designed and developed by InspiringApps.
  • The inHere platform designed by InspiringApps for Fidelity Financial Services (FNF) has safeguarded financial futures for more than a million users.

Innovative functionality and design are within reach. Whether it is a complex data solution, a custom integration, an internal app for employees, or an app that will deliver messages to the Moon, InspiringApps provides intelligent digital products that delight clients and end users with transformative results. 

Let’s move your business forward together. Speak with our experts in enterprise solutions.


Let’s build something together

Have an idea? We help clients bring ideas to life through custom apps for phones, tablets, wearables, and other smart devices.
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We’ll explore various options, from bootstrapping with your own resources to attracting external investment. By understanding the pros, cons, and ideal scenarios for each approach, you can make informed decisions to secure the capital needed to launch your app successfully. 1. Bootstrapping: Building Your App on Your Own Terms This is where you use your own resources to fund development. It might involve dipping into your savings, taking on a side hustle, or bartering your skills for services you need. Bootstrapping offers complete control over your business but requires careful budgeting, resourcefulness, and a willingness to wear many hats. Here are some tips for successful bootstrapping: Prioritize ruthlessly. Focus on developing the core functionalities that deliver the most value to users and postpone fancy features for later. Embrace open-source tools. Many free and open-source development tools and libraries are available to help you build your app without breaking the bank. Consider a side hustle. If your budget is tight, a side hustle can provide additional income to accelerate development. 2. Friends & Family: Your First Cheerleaders (and Maybe Investors) Your friends and family can be a fantastic source of early-stage app funding, especially if they believe in your vision. However, it’s crucial to approach them professionally. Communicate your vision and investment goals. Create formal agreements outlining the terms of the investment,  including the amount of funding, repayment terms, and ownership stake. This protects everyone involved and avoids misunderstandings down the road. 3. Crowdfunding Platforms: Unleashing the Power of the Crowd Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow you to raise capital from a large pool of online contributors. These platforms offer a unique opportunity to gauge market interest in your app before launch and potentially secure app funding from early adopters who are excited about your idea. Here are some key considerations for crowdfunding success: Craft a compelling campaign. Hook potential backers with a captivating video and story that showcases your app’s value proposition and potential impact. Be transparent about how you’ll use the funds raised. Offer enticing rewards. Incentivize backers with tiered rewards that offer early access to the app, exclusive features, or branded merchandise. Be a marketing machine. Use social media, online communities, and relevant blogs to spread the word about your campaign. The more people who know about your app, the higher your chances of reaching your funding goal. Remember: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to app funding. Consider the stage of your idea, your comfort level with risk, and the amount of funding needed when deciding which option is best for you. App Funding: Setting Realistic Expectations Be prepared! Launching a successful startup requires hard work, perseverance, and a bit of luck. Unfortunately, many app ideas don’t make it to market. Here’s a reality check: Market Research Is Key Don’t just assume your app idea is brilliant. Conduct thorough market research to understand your target audience, existing competitors, and potential challenges. Focus on Value What unique value proposition does your app offer? Why should users choose yours over the competition? Define Your Target Audience Who are you building this app for? Understanding your target market demographics, needs, and behaviors is crucial for success. Success Rates & Challenges  While success stories abound, it’s important to acknowledge the competitive nature of the app market. Statistics show that only 10% of startups succeed [insert source here (optional)]. This emphasizes the importance of a solid foundation, a well-defined target audience, and a clear understanding of your challenges. Each funding option comes with its own set of challenges: Bootstrapping: Requires financial discipline and may limit the scope and functionality of your initial app. Friends & Family: Potential for strained relationships if things go south. Ensure clear communication and have ironclad legal agreements in place. Crowdfunding: Reaching your funding goal can be difficult and requires effective marketing. Beyond the Basics: Exploring Additional App Funding Options As your app evolves and gains traction, you can explore additional app funding avenues: Angel Investors These are high-net-worth individuals who invest their own money in promising startups. They often provide valuable mentorship alongside funding but expect a significant ownership stake in your company. Venture Capitalists Venture capitalist (VC) firms invest larger sums of money in startups with high growth potential. Securing VC funding is a significant accomplishment but often requires a more developed business plan and a proven track record. App Funding: The Path Forward Each funding option has its pros and cons. Carefully consider your needs and priorities before pursuing a specific type of app funding. By incorporating these actionable tips and realistic expectations, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your app dream into a reality.

1 month ago

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Engineering Success: Leading Digital Solutions Through Culture

Boulder, CO—A well-executed digital strategy can set industry leaders apart, and culture is the backbone of that. Take it from us at InspiringApps. Beyond the standard “move fast and break things” mantra, we prioritize a finish line, every time guarantee, combined with an ethos of curiosity, which we believe are key to an adaptive and winning digital portfolio. Brad Weber, Founder and CEO at InspiringApps, shares his insights into our culture of leading digital solutions.   Embracing a Shared Vision for the Future InspiringApps aspires to create an inclusive, inventive, and future-proof culture. Every team member knows the value of finishing projects and taking them across the finish line. To foster this culture, we encourage our team members to speak up and be comfortable asking “why” while critically examining requirements. This mindset helps us seek the best user experience and guarantees the highest quality of development. A standout facet of our culture is our commitment to valuing each team member’s unique skills and experiences. This, coupled with the collective intelligence we’ve garnered from building numerous web and mobile apps, forms a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity of knowledge enables us to anticipate and navigate tech challenges holistically, ensuring that our digital solutions are second to none. Curiosity Is Your Business’s Best Ally At InspiringApps, we are ardent believers in pushing boundaries and championing curiosity. We know that asking, “Why?” can often differentiate a satisfactory solution from an exceptional one. This deep dive into understanding opens avenues for transformative solutions that suit your business’s needs. One of our long-term clients, Scott, poignantly noted that we don’t just fulfill requests; we dissect them, aiming to understand context and purpose. Embracing this ethos, our team endeavors to redefine the standards of digital solution development, ensuring our clients receive best-in-class products. Building the Digital Future Together We envision fostering an environment that’s inventive, inclusive, and on the cutting edge of technology. We are proud to create a culture where team members feel encouraged to share and lean into their unique insights. We value diversity of thought and action. We believe these differences bring us closer to curating the best user experience. There’s a shared satisfaction in ushering a project from ideation to completion as we craft solutions that drive business growth. A key part of this process is nurturing the confidence to question, investigate, and redefine in our teams. Because, at heart, we’re in the business of solving problems. Embracing Digital Evolution: The InspiringApps Way At InspiringApps, we believe in keeping curiosity and innovation at the center stage while continuously tailoring our diverse collective experience to exceed client expectations. Our signature approach imbues every project with these values. As we strategize for the future, we remain committed to our mission to provide our clients with exceptional, cutting-edge digital solutions. We are eager to contribute to your journey to excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology. Get the insights you need straight from thought leaders at InspiringApps and beyond. Read the full article on Built In. 

4 months ago

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