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7 months ago
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Colorado has been ranked #4 in “America’s Top States For Business,” according to CNBC. This distinction is in large part due to the significant amount of resources available state-wide. Competitive states like Colorado encourage new ideas and have the resources to support entrepreneurship.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of resources for Colorado entrepreneurs that you can leverage to improve your business success. Namely:

  1. Legal Resources for Entrepreneurs: Denver and Boulder entrepreneurs can receive advice on numerous corporate law topics.
  2. Financial Resources for Entrepreneurs: Confidently tackle financial questions with the help of mentors and workshops geared toward Colorado entrepreneurs.
  3. Networking Opportunities for Entrepreneurs: Festivals, community coalitions, and groups on the Front Range offer the chance to connect, collaborate, and grow.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re in the midst of your business journey, these resources will provide excellent value for every stage of entrepreneurship.

Legal Resources for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ELC) at the University of Colorado Boulder aims to help law students gain real-world experience. One of the ways they do so is by providing free legal counsel to entrepreneurs.

Students provide legal advice under the guidance of professors and attorneys. Denver-based entrepreneurs can receive advice on numerous corporate law topics, such as:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Handling intellectual property rights
  • Drawing up shareholder agreements

Entrepreneurs need to apply to work with the ELC, and finalists are chosen based on several criteria. Once an application is approved, the entrepreneurs interview with the ELC to determine if a mutual benefit exists. An accepted applicant must sign an engagement letter to ensure commitment.


If you have a need that can’t wait for the ELC selection process to run its course, consider checking out UpCounsel. In addition to having a free online repository of articles and forms, thousands of lawyers nationwide are willing to make bids on proposals. You can search for counsel by state, legal area, or topic of interest.


In any location, CooleyGO can help you to identify and create all the essential legal documents you need to get started. Whether you want to incorporate your business or protect your intellectual property with a non-disclosure agreement, you’ll find their free, easy-to-use document generator indispensable. They also curate outstanding content on topics ranging from creating a board of directors to selling your company.

Financial Resources for Entrepreneurs

SCORE Denver

Another organization that offers free counsel is SCORE Denver. SCORE assists local entrepreneurs in confidently tackling financial questions. SCORE does everything from pairing you with a mentor in the business world to helping you enroll in workshops on various topics to providing free financial resources.

SCORE relies on a dedicated group of local business people who volunteer their time and experience to help those just getting started. Mentoring is free and entirely confidential. SCORE also hosts workshops focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs. Although many workshops are free, some include a small fee.

Prefer to do your own business research? SCORE includes an online library dedicated to documents and information about owning a small business. You can find information on a variety of topics from how to finance your company to government statutes that affect your industry.

B:Side Fund

B:Side Fund (formerly Colorado Lending Source) has a range of loan products and a referral program of partners offering additional lending options. Their blog provides various resources catering to finance and entrepreneurship.

Networking Resources for Entrepreneurs 

Startup Weeks

Both Denver and Boulder host a “Startup Week,” a week-long festival in which hundreds of events are held to showcase—and further build—the culture of innovation in the region. Startup Week is a wonderful free event offering networking opportunities, vast resources, and global culture. Always a sought-after festival, it’s the largest of its kind in North America. Denver Startup Week is the pinnacle of entrepreneurial energy, innovation, and connection.


The Minority & Women’s Chamber Coalition (MWCC) was formed to give a voice to Colorado minorities and women-owned businesses. MWCC created a leading nonprofit organization, the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC), to advance women’s leadership in an inclusive space. CWCC provides invaluable business connections, resources, and transformative education.

While we’re at it, feel free to review these other phenomenal women-led resources:

Coaching & Mentorship

For those who desire a deeper dive into business coaching, the Denver and Boulder community offers abundant resources. The Founders Network provides mentorship through everything from cohort programs to conferences to private coaching. Techstars, a now global organization founded in Boulder, offers accelerator programs and bootcamps. Similarly, Boomtown’s Boulder Tech Accelerator aims to specifically help tech startups through their intensives. 


Plenty of meetups along the Front Range bring together founders of startups and small businesses. Most meet monthly and focus on curating speakers who can provide insights and resources for entrepreneurs. Denver Founders Network and Boulder Startup Meetup are some of the largest and most popular in the area. 

Digital Networking

Lately, there has been a significant shift from in-person to digital networking. Numerous top-notch networking opportunities are available with the convenience of logging in anywhere, anytime. 

  • Denver Devs: A Denver-based Discord community for developers, engineers, and designers
  • Women Who Startup: A leading platform for female entrepreneurs and innovators offering online engaging events
  • Startup Colorado: Exciting event programming and business opportunities for the Colorado rural entrepreneur
  • Tech Friends: A fun networking group for entrepreneurs building a website or mobile application
  • Colorado Technology Association (CTA): Meaningful connections through a diverse and inclusive pipeline with a network of 18,000 thought leaders and entrepreneurs

Other Resources Not To Overlook

Part of the Office of Economic Development & International Trade, Choose Colorado has advice specific to entrepreneurs getting set up within the state. They have up-to-date guidelines on business regulations and legislation by industry. Furthermore, you can find Colorado-specific resources for entrepreneurs, including the Small Business Resource Guide, which takes you through the process of entrepreneurship in Colorado. 

Choose Colorado also offers numerous lectures and courses for entrepreneurs and business people. Courses range from “Introduction to QuickBooks Online” to “Marketing Basics” to “Instagram for Business: Basics & Beyond.”

Additionally, you’ll find resources for:

  • Filing for occupational licenses
  • Getting proper funding
  • Finding the best free consulting by business area

Similarly, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity provides many resources and ideas to help startups and small businesses. You can even meet with business development representatives (with offices at the Commons) for a personalized consultation.

Final Thoughts for Boulder & Denver Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Apps Boulder Colorado

Shared collaboration is the key to creating immersive and transformative solutions at InspiringApps. Founded in the Boulder foothills, we know first-hand that Colorado is a booming entrepreneurial hub with incredible resources for entrepreneurs and innovators. We encourage you to use these resources as a starting point to immerse yourself in knowledge and connect with techies like us.

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Securing VC funding is a significant accomplishment but often requires a more developed business plan and a proven track record. App Funding: The Path Forward Each funding option has its pros and cons. Carefully consider your needs and priorities before pursuing a specific type of app funding. By incorporating these actionable tips and realistic expectations, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your app dream into a reality.

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Engineering Success: Leading Digital Solutions Through Culture

Boulder, CO—A well-executed digital strategy can set industry leaders apart, and culture is the backbone of that. Take it from us at InspiringApps. Beyond the standard “move fast and break things” mantra, we prioritize a finish line, every time guarantee, combined with an ethos of curiosity, which we believe are key to an adaptive and winning digital portfolio. Brad Weber, Founder and CEO at InspiringApps, shares his insights into our culture of leading digital solutions.   Embracing a Shared Vision for the Future InspiringApps aspires to create an inclusive, inventive, and future-proof culture. Every team member knows the value of finishing projects and taking them across the finish line. To foster this culture, we encourage our team members to speak up and be comfortable asking “why” while critically examining requirements. This mindset helps us seek the best user experience and guarantees the highest quality of development. A standout facet of our culture is our commitment to valuing each team member’s unique skills and experiences. This, coupled with the collective intelligence we’ve garnered from building numerous web and mobile apps, forms a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity of knowledge enables us to anticipate and navigate tech challenges holistically, ensuring that our digital solutions are second to none. Curiosity Is Your Business’s Best Ally At InspiringApps, we are ardent believers in pushing boundaries and championing curiosity. We know that asking, “Why?” can often differentiate a satisfactory solution from an exceptional one. This deep dive into understanding opens avenues for transformative solutions that suit your business’s needs. One of our long-term clients, Scott, poignantly noted that we don’t just fulfill requests; we dissect them, aiming to understand context and purpose. Embracing this ethos, our team endeavors to redefine the standards of digital solution development, ensuring our clients receive best-in-class products. Building the Digital Future Together We envision fostering an environment that’s inventive, inclusive, and on the cutting edge of technology. We are proud to create a culture where team members feel encouraged to share and lean into their unique insights. We value diversity of thought and action. We believe these differences bring us closer to curating the best user experience. There’s a shared satisfaction in ushering a project from ideation to completion as we craft solutions that drive business growth. A key part of this process is nurturing the confidence to question, investigate, and redefine in our teams. Because, at heart, we’re in the business of solving problems. Embracing Digital Evolution: The InspiringApps Way At InspiringApps, we believe in keeping curiosity and innovation at the center stage while continuously tailoring our diverse collective experience to exceed client expectations. Our signature approach imbues every project with these values. As we strategize for the future, we remain committed to our mission to provide our clients with exceptional, cutting-edge digital solutions. We are eager to contribute to your journey to excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology. Get the insights you need straight from thought leaders at InspiringApps and beyond. Read the full article on Built In. 

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