Top Ways To Get Connected to the Tech Community in Boulder & Denver

10 months ago
Top Ways To Get Connected to the Tech Community in Boulder & Denver Image

Colorado has evolved as a tech hub in the past decade. The region is home to notable businesses like Apple, Google, and Facebook, among myriads of other diverse local startups. Whether you are kickstarting a startup or building up an established business, there are numerous resources and opportunities to connect to the tech community in Boulder and Denver.

The mile-high city is an established entrepreneurial hub with opportunities for brilliant collaboration and innovation. There are many shared spaces to hone your skills or discover a new passion. All pose as great ways to meet interesting people, grow your business network, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

We broke down the top ways for you to get connected to the tech community in Colorado into five main categories:

  1. Join a local meetup.
  2. Connect at a communal workspace.
  3. Participate in events.
  4. Hone your tech skills.
  5. Join a digital community.

Join a Local Meetup

Denver and Boulder have numerous groups that meet regularly to connect people across the tech world. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is invaluable for business growth and success. Here are some of the top networking meetups from intimate to large groups:

Looking for a large networking meetup? 

New Tech Colorado, the largest “community of geeks” in the state with 14,000+ members, is highly active with plenty of events and networking opportunities. So is Creative Connections, an equally large group for local creatives looking to connect with other like-minded individuals. Unite with other creatives to enjoy a relaxing and innovative space to share ideas and get together with local artists.

Looking for a smaller group?

If you prefer a more intimate group size, consider House of Genius. With chapters in both cities, they bring together a diverse mix of collaborators from the community for an evening each month filled with disruptive thinking, supportive community alliance, and creative output of innovative ideas.

Seeking a group addressing a specific niche in technology?


  • Denver Founders is a vibrant network of 9,000+ members sharing entrepreneurial experiences, knowledge, and connections. From startups to established companies, all are welcome.
  • Denver UX hosts events on everything user experience. With over 3,000 members strong, they host UX events monthly.
  • Boulder Denver BigData offers opportunities to learn and share your experiences with NoSQL and big data technologies.
  • Software development serves up countless meetups covering nearly any topic under the sun.


  • Boulder JS is ideal for those interested in delving into the wonders of JavaScript.
  • Boulder Open Coffee is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get into or expand their startup.
  • CodeForBoulder is excellent for techies passionate about nonprofits and volunteering.
  • Flatirons LGBTQ Tech Meetup is a community of LGBTQ folks and allies with a focus on networking.
  • Analyze Boulder is an active group with monthly TED-style talks on various data-focused topics. It’s a space to live, work, and play for data enthusiasts.

Women in Tech

Get Connected to Denver Meetups

There are a whole host of ways for women in tech to connect with each other. Find communal support and expert knowledge from women-led meetups.

  • SheSays is an incredible organization that organizes educational events and happy hours with groups in Denver and Boulder.
  • Women Who Code is also in both cities and inspires and empowers women in technical fields to achieve business success.
  • National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) is a non-profit organization that works to correct underrepresentation and increase the meaningful participation of women in computing.
  • Ladies Get Coffee, Women in Tech, and Women Who Startup are fantastic groups for female entrepreneurs and innovators that aim to build community through education and events.

Connect at a Communal Workspace

Get Connected Denver Co-Working

Adaptive, collaborative workspaces have become popular in the last few years. Joining a coworking space can be an excellent way to meet new people and share ideas and inspiration. Denver and Boulder are home to larger coworking chains, including Industrious, WeWork, and Galvanize.

Prefer a more intimate feel? Here are a few more popular spaces Denver has to offer:

  • Green Spaces and Converge Denver are spaces for the sustainable and forward-thinking entrepreneur.
  • Commons on Champa, an incubator and accelerator space, offers everything from free coworking spaces to free coffee and wifi or private offices for rent.

Boulder also has some outstanding local shared spaces:

  • Expansive is one of our favorite unique spaces that also includes nifty perks like local beer on tap.
  • NiCHE Workspaces (Boulder-owned) has both a Pearl Street and a North Boulder location.
  • CAMPWORKS is another lovely Boulder option with an outdoor workspace and proximity to beautiful nature trails. 

Participate in Events

Events are a great way to connect with other entrepreneurs and gain high-value knowledge in a single session.

Boulder has bragging rights as the founding city for the “startup week” concept, and Boulder Startup Week continues to host a fantastic event year after year. Denver Startup Week began a couple of years later but is now the country’s largest (free) entrepreneurial event, bringing thousands of people together. The local chapter of TED, TEDxMileHigh, is also a great gathering to consider, with speakers sharing wisdom and innovative insights on various topics.

Given the size of Denver, it’s worth noting that it attracts a lot of great conferences for those in the tech field, from GlueCon to the Digital Summit. Consider setting up an alert on Eventbrite to get notified when something new is coming to town.

Hone Your Tech Skills

Get Connected - Denver Skills

In the fast-moving world of tech, there is always more to learn. You can leverage your desire to improve your skillset to connect to others with similar interests.

  • General Assembly has a vast array of classes on subjects ranging from diversity and inclusion in tech to introduction to branding, visual design, and product management. 
  • Galvanize, which has locations in both Boulder and Denver, offers tech bootcamps. Build your skillset with part-time or full-time courses like data science immersive or Python fundamentals.
  • Turing School is another computer programming school local to Denver, offering 7-month-long full-time programs. 

In addition to the above resources, some coworking spaces also host events and classes for their members for an entrance fee.

Join a Digital Community 

If your schedule is tight, you may prefer networking online. We’ll close with a few online resources to help you keep up with the latest trends and networks.

Are you interested in the startup community? We highly recommend joining the Colorado Startups Facebook group, a broad group of over 10,000 startup enthusiasts. It’s also worth signing up for Techstars’ Startup Digest. Sent weekly, it will keep you plugged into the entrepreneurial community through curated events and content.

Final Thoughts

InspiringApps Boulder Colorado Photo

Let’s take your curiosity and creativity to the next level. We pride ourselves in forming strong connections with our clients and making a positive impact on their employees, customers, and communities—from Boulder and beyond. Join forces with InspiringApps and experience an exceptional outcome every time.

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