We've Solved Syncing with the Cloud

Synchronized for Success

Most apps are fueled by data. That data is used to drive decisions, make sales, and connect teams. Plenty of companies can collect data and store it in the cloud, but ensuring that your teams always have the most current data with them is a different story. That’s where our proprietary AppSync® software makes all the difference.

With AppSync®, we’ve solved syncing with the cloud. Data automatically and bi-directionally syncs between the cloud and the device, whenever a network connection is present. Your team doesn’t need to remember to do anything. They’ll automatically always have the most current information with them, even when they are offline.

Flexible Implementation

AppSync® can be integrated into any app we create, regardless of whether its built on an iOS, Android, or web/mobile web (HTML5) platform.

Cross Platform Use

AppSync® supports synchronization across device types. Your team members can still remain connected, even if they don’t all use the same platform or device.

Automatic Refresh

AppSync® monitors connectivity, and when a connection is available, a bi-directional sync happens automatically.

Custom Data Filtering

Not all team members need the same information. AppSync® handles data filtering to ensure that users have only what’s relevant, and aren’t wasting memory on data they don’t want.

Local Storage

Relevant data is stored locally so users always have the most current info available, even when they are working offline.

Redundant & Secure

AppSync® stores data on the server and on your mobile device. If you lose a device, it’s easy to replace it and quickly be productive again.