The photographs people take each day capture their lives. While these photos easily find their way into the digital world, Artifact Uprising believes in a longer timeline. One that allows these photos to be shared, gathered around, and revisited often.

The Difficult
Made Easy

Our photos often remain trapped in the digital world because it’s too much work to bring them to life in print. This award-winning app changes all of that, enabling people to quickly get started by uploading photos right from their phone or Instagram.


With photos now easily accessible, consumers can create beautiful photographic art in minutes. Using an intuitive interface, users can arrange and edit multiple layers of pictures and text, making stunning gifts and mementos like photo books and framed art.


The App Generated 16% of Company Revenue in its 2nd Year

Photo Editing & Rendering

The app handles all photo rendering in order to send pixel perfect proofs directly to the publisher, saving time and money.

Dynamic Development Paths

The code was written with product expansion in mind, enabling the ongoing addition of complicated products with minimal development time.

Multiple Project Capability

Efficient and thoughtful design patterns enable users to work on multiple projects with ease.

“...above and beyond expectation”

“We had an incredible experience working with InspiringApps on a very large project with tight deadlines. They went above and beyond expectations to help us succeed.”

— Artifact Uprising