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Meet inHere, the finance app transforming real estate

InspiringApps partnered with Fidelity National Financial to create and develop the award-winning inHere app, helping more than a million users to safeguard their financial futures.

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The Idea

When real estate transactions are coordinated through email, compromised email accounts can put millions of dollars at risk. As the leading title organization in the industry, Fidelity National Financial (FNF) set out to make the process more secure with a new platform, named inHere.

By reenvisioning the homebuying process within a single streamlined app, inHere delivers a transformative experience that is more secure, efficient, and transparent for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.


The inHere app keeps buyers and sellers informed and connected. All of the contacts associated with a real estate transaction are gathered and presented in one place.


The inHere app reimagines the processes and technologies buyers and sellers need to complete real estate transactions. It eliminates disjointed systems and provides a centralized platform that allows users to track essential milestones, documents, and messages related to their real estate transactions and team.


The inHere app creates a closed, secure ecosystem through which all communication related to a real estate transaction flows—so your email and your money are safe.
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Breaking complex barriers with reimagined technology

Home buying includes a tremendous amount of data. Data originates from different systems, but users expect a speedy, seamless mobile app and web experience. And different datasets mean different teams, each with a unique voice in feature development. The inHere app secures and simplifies a historically complex, inflexible, and frustrating process. Reenvisioning the process meant developing and designing solutions that haven’t been seen before and translating that into value and trust for users.
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Empowering users with a seamless financial experience

Building on our expertise in real estate and national financial services, the inHere vision matched InspiringApps’ ability to deliver a unique, streamlined experience—a secure and transformative financial app that delights users. With the inHere app, users can: Communicate: In addition to communication about a transaction, inHere surfaces information about important milestones in a safe and easy-to-understand interface. Track: Buyers and sellers can see what steps have been completed, what is next, and when a document or other required input may hold up the process. Notarize: Users can also view and sign important documents associated with a real estate transaction from the app or their browser.
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One real estate app, multiple platforms

InspiringApps helped design and build web, Android, and iOS versions of the inHere app. Our challenge was to create a solution that would feel comfortable for all users, no matter which platform or device they chose to use inHere. Our mobile and web teams worked closely to ensure feature parity, delivering a unified solution across Android, iOS, and web browsers.
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Designing trust in the new experience

The inHere project required a unique design approach, blending elements of the Fidelity National Financial family of brands with a distinct look for their innovative product. The InspiringApps design team created humanizing illustrations with friendly faces to visually show how different the homebuying process feels with this product. We built trust by marrying the various scenarios users experience with iconic scenes of home buying, so users feel at home on the platform. Hues are warm and inviting, with bright accents that point to the successful, positive outcomes of the inHere experience.
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The future is bright with inHere

Over a million buyers, sellers, or borrower customers have used the inHere platform during their real estate transactions, with up to 11,000 consumers using components of the inHere platform during any given week. The platform has provided over 135,000 real estate agents and transaction coordinator clients with increased transparency and efficiency in more than 875,000 transactions, surfacing millions of documents and messages in the process. Real estate agents and transaction coordinators who were surveyed about the inHere app praised its ability to centralize important information in one easily accessible location outside of email—the innovative solution it introduced to the homebuying process. FNF first launched the inHere app in 2020, and InspiringApps continues to support the project’s maintenance and improvements.
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Partners in innovation

“Thank you for all your help to make inHere a reality. We could not have selected a better partner. Your team is core to executing our vision.” — Brian Maughan, Chief Innovation Officer, Fidelity National Financial

It’s time to bring your idea to life. We can’t wait to get started.