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24 days ago
Using Apps to Help Grow Your Business: The Trispective Group Image

Some apps stand alone as businesses in and of themselves, while others are used to expand an existing business. Expansion can happen in a variety of ways, such as increasing current customer engagement or providing tools to a sales team. We recently had the privilege of working with The Trispective Group to help grow their business by creating an app that opens up their services to new markets. The new app makes their expertise accessible to those beyond their current core audience.

The Trispective Group is a Colorado-based company with a mission “to create capability in leaders, teams, and organizations.” They provide executive and team coaching, leadership development, and culture-change consulting for large and small companies. The company leaders know what it takes to develop effective and healthy leaders, teams, and organizations, due to their extensive work to understand and improve the people side of business.

The Challenge

In their many years of practice, The Trispective Group has created and leveraged various assessments that enable them to understand and coach individual contributors. While the individual-contributor assessments offer considerable value, they knew coaching both the individual and the team at large would be even better. Unable to find an effective whole team assessment, they decided to build their own. The group researched the critical elements that make up a superior team by studying a wide variety of companies varying in size, industry, location, and age.

From that research, The Trispective Group developed an assessment that measured and categorized the effectiveness of teams. They used this assessment with teams in multiple industries around the globe and at all different levels of maturity from start-ups to legacy business. As their practice developed, they decided to write a book detailing what they learned. In The Loyalist Team, readers “learn about the predictable, repeatable traits the best teams in the world share – and how you can apply these same traits to achieve amazing results within your own organization.” While writing the book, the team experienced an “aha!” moment about their assessment work. Partner Linda Adams shared, “we realized we have something here of value” that needed to be accessible to a larger audience.
Trispective - The Loyalist Team
Creating such accessibility isn’t as easy as it might seem. The Trispective Group predominantly works with executive teams in intimate coaching settings, personally administering and evaluating assessments. While the book will definitely expand the reach of their insights, the group also saw an opportunity to systematize the assessment they had been building for the previous five years, and then leverage technology to distribute it for the benefit of more teams.

The Solution

The Trispective Group searched for a company to help them make the assessment accessible, desiring a partner who could understand their business requirements and translate that into the technical solution they needed. Linda stated, “We chose InspiringApps in part because we know the value of connection and that true partnership helps to create the best results. Right from the start, the InspiringApps team showed a high level of engagement and energy, and their pro-active approach has made a positive impact on the outcome.”

InspiringApps built a web-based application for The Trispective Group to allow their clients to independently evaluate the health of their team. Customers choose from four types of assessments, ranging in complexity from a short self-assessment, called Snapshot, to 3D which involves the team and stakeholders. The app guides team members and leaders through a series of questions to reveal answers about how the team is doing and where they could benefit from growth. Results are displayed in colorful, insightful, easy-to-read reports created by InspiringApps designers.

The Results

Even though the results aren’t yet in (the book and online apps are released September 12th), The Trispective Group is highly optimistic about what lies ahead. Linda noted, “The app will provide us an opportunity, as we launch the book, to introduce the assessments to an audience that would not have had access before.” She went on to explain that, “Up until now, the team assessment has been part of the coaching services we provide. But now it will be standalone to allow wider availability.” Linda also noted that the assessment via web app should increase revenue for The Trispective Group. Before the standalone product, the revenue opportunity was limited to the number of hours the team had available to work with clients. The online team assessments provide a commercial platform not available for the business previously.

Thanks to the author’s generosity, a few InspiringApps team members read an advance copy of the book and appreciated the solid research, interesting case studies, and useful advice for building stronger teams. We highly recommend The Loyalist Team to you; visit this site to learn where you can buy it.

If you’re curious about the type of team you are working on, please take the free assessment. Not only will you learn your team type but you’ll also get tips around what action you might take. Likewise, if your team could benefit from executive and team coaching, leadership development, or culture-change consulting, please get in touch with the experts at The Trispective Group.

And if you’re interested in exploring how an app might help your company grow, please contact the InspiringApps team.

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