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While Armstrong was the one who actually took the first steps on the moon, his achievement represented the combined work of numerous others. We are a company that values teamwork, believing the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong

We thrive on being a company
worthy of someone’s partnership

Since our inception in 2007, InspiringApps has been passionate about designing and developing mobile apps — ones that are creative, intuitive, and so functional that they become indispensable to those who use them.

That’s possible because we’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology - not to be hip and trendy, but to enable our clients to achieve greater gains through the use of it. We believe a large portion of our success comes from truly collaborating with our clients, so we immerse ourselves in understanding what they need to achieve.

Of course, working hard means we play hard too! Our location in Boulder, CO is the perfect playground for all kinds of outdoor pursuits. We are grateful for our community and seek to invest in it regularly through events like Boulder Start-Up Week and NewCo Boulder.

If our company sounds like a place you’d like to work,
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Meet our team:

Michele Connors
Marketing Director
Ralph Dosser
Software Engineer
Aaron Gerber
Software Engineer
Stacy Griffin
Project Manager
Will Helling
Software Engineer
Scott Keller
Software Engineer
Aaron Lea
Senior UX/UI Designer
Stephanie Mikuls
UX/UI Designer
Eric Miller
Software Engineer
John Sandoval
Software Engineer
John Senner
Software Engineer
Andrea Tringo
QA Specialist
Brad Weber
President, CEO
Kim Weber
Instructional Designer

Looking for an inspired career?

Passionate. Determined. Crazy talented, yet humble. All words that describe the mix of people that make up the team at InspiringApps. If they describe you as well, join us and get paid to do something you love.